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Howdy, I'm jocomo.

a.k.a. John Corey Morris - a Nordic based, American born marketing strategist, actor, voice actor, copywriter. I'm also a branding, design and communication consultant with
 more than 20 years of experience helping clients build memorable brands, design gorgeous websites, create engaging communications - plus a whole lot more. I'm particularly good at helping organizations align good design with compelling communication and consistent branding to spur growth, crush goals and craft powerful brands.


So why the handyman metaphor?

Think about it. Sometimes you only need a single nail to fix a marketing problem - not a whole box of nails. Other times, you might just need a drop of glue to mend a communication issue - not the entire bottle. No matter what, you always need someone with the right tools for the job, the know-how to get it done affordably and the availability to act in a hurry. That, my friend, is the trademark of a handyman.

Who's jocomo.

Commercials, voice acting, interviews and much more

Commercials, voice acting, interviews and much more
Commercial for Joblicate A/S

Commercial for Joblicate A/S

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What is the Metaverse, and what is the Corporate Metaverse?

What is the Metaverse, and what is the Corporate Metaverse?

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Why we're building the future of work

Why we're building the future of work

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SynergyXR - XR to the people

SynergyXR - XR to the people

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SynergyXR - how it works!

SynergyXR - how it works!

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Stibo Accelerator uses the Metaverse to grow talent (with subtitles)

Stibo Accelerator uses the Metaverse to grow talent (with subtitles)

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iOS AR mode makes collaboration fast and easy

iOS AR mode makes collaboration fast and easy

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Nationwide TV commercial for automotive chain Thansen

Nationwide TV commercial for automotive chain Thansen

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Latest projects

How I help.

One day I might be helping an entrepreneur develop a brand identity, the next day you might find me optimizing a website. The next week, you could find me shooting a commercial for a new app. As a handyman, I'm equipped to handle the small and the big. Here's a quick and dirty overview of how I help. 


getting started?

Let's get  your brand off the ground and flying high.

I help clients develop brand strategies, design brand identities and create marketing collateral that express uniqueness and personality across all brand touch points - online and offline.

 Need a 

hand with that?

Let me be the resource to deliver that project on time.

  I take on a wide range of branding, design and communication projects that companies can't manage themselves - or can't afford to outsource to large agencies. 

Not in

your wheelhouse?

You don't have to be a marketing & coms expert. 

I can manage your day-to-day marketing and communications and help you build customer loyalty, leaving you with peace of mind and time to focus on what you do best.

How I help

My toolbox.

brand strategies. brand identities. graphic design. art direction. web design. web development. print design. exhibition design and management. advertising. social media marketing. content marketing. direct mail and newsletter marketing. video production and marketing. acting. voice acting. voice overs. event management and production. event hosting. concept development. customer relationship management. copywriting. proofreading. style guides. translation. promotional items. slide decks. sales materials. market research. surveys. focus groups. 

and so much more...


My portfolio

Don't just say it. Show it.

Talk is cheap. So instead of harping on how I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread, here's a selection of my work that showcases how I think, how I work, what I consider to be cool and most important, how I've helped clients succeed.

The word on the street.

jocomo. was not only able to take my thoughts and crystalize them into a useful design, but also helped me understand how to build my online presence using social media.

Dorte Melgaard

Owner of

Thanks to Corey for taking our videos to the next level! We were blown away by his skills and presence in front of the camera. He's professional in everything he does. He’s a natural!

Tobias Helbo Damkjær

Partner / Producer

 iambic Intermedia

Thanks to jocomo., we were able to quickly update our marketing material just in time for an important exhibition - and the quality was nothing short of amazing!

Jørgen Jørgensen, 

Director of Procurement,

KEN Storkøkken

Got, or need a good idea?

Let's talk.

(​John) Corey Morris


+45 2965 0282

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